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A slight increase of 1.3% in the fourth quarter, bruised yet domestic store flagship store, electricity supplier is no prototype of the future will open 50 stores

Money Weekly reporter Wang berry / text

Mentioned Ralph Lauren brand, maybe a lot of Chinese people do not know, but mentioned POLO shirt, I believe many people are not familiar with, especially polo logo, have been all over the streets of China.

However, it is hard to link the slightest relationship with luxury. In fact, in the hearts of Americans, Ralph Lauren designer brand is the "American style" classic representative.

Founder Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren Collection loves classic cars, has focused on shaping the minds of fusion of the Wild West, Indian culture, the old Hollywood feeling of "American style" and even dubbed by the media on behalf of "American Classic" designers.

Admittedly, Ralph Lauren is a talented designer, but in the global expansion of the road, he seemed to slow a beat, has very little market share in China. Perhaps once bitten twice shy sake, Ralph Lauren but had in shaping China's low-end market image and imitations too much and had to quit the Chinese market.

However, the latest release of fourth-quarter earnings grew only 1.3% of the results so that Ralph Lauren has realized the weakness in U.S. and European markets, settle down, expanding Chinese market is an important strategy for its next step.

Revenue growth is slowing, net profit growth of 35%

May 24, Ralph Lauren (RL) released as of March 30 fourth-quarter earnings. According to the report, Ralph Lauren fourth-quarter revenue of $ 1.64 billion, an increase of 1.3% over last year, with a total income of less than three-quarter of $ 1.846 billion.

But the good news is that fourth-quarter net profit more than Ralph Lauren's $ 94.4 million last year rose 35 percent to $ 127.2 million. Gross margin was 59.3 percent, higher than the 57.1% in the same period last year, mainly due to lower input costs.

"Fiscal year 2013, we have achieved record sales and profit levels," Ralph Lauren, Chairman and CEO Ralph Lauren said: "We have in front of an exciting next few years, especially When we develop our global retail network and e-commerce platform to showcase our brand portfolio and emotional life time. "Obviously, he was very pleased with the performance achieved.

From the sales channel perspective, the fourth quarter of retail sales in the fourth quarter last year compared to $ 752 million, an increase of 7% to $ 804 million, which to some extent reflects the incremental contribution from new stores and e-commerce platform. License revenue was $ 4,300, with the same period last year, the higher licensing apparel products with lower household income and product license fee offset.

However, a drop in wholesale business. Wholesale Ralph Lauren's fourth quarter sales of $ 796 million, 4% lower than last year.

Ralph Lauren now expects fiscal 2014 consolidated net income will increase by 4-7%, but the 2014 fiscal year operating margin is expected to be below last year's record level.

China's first show took a plunge

In 2012, Forbes rich list released U.S. 400, Ralph Lauren $ 6.5 billion in net assets as the U.S. fashion industry's richest man.

The 72-year-old fashion guru 400 richest in the United States ranked 52, higher than the previous year's $ 6.1 billion. He ranked first in the world richest 122.

Ralph Lauren's family history is a classic American dream, born Ralph Lauren civilian families left the school in 1976, sales for the Beau Brummel tie, then there is the opportunity to design ties, and became a hit. Later the same year he founded the Polo $ 50,000 company. Now this, this company sells products related to clothing, footwear, jewelry, home furnishings and perfume.

Ralph Lauren is best at marketing, "upper class lifestyle." He pioneered the use of experiential marketing and multi-brand management strategy, through storytelling and creative shop atmosphere, inspire consumers to join the brand advocated lifestyle.

Some years ago, in Europe and developed burgeoned Ralph Lauren quickly swept China, but it was blowing a burst of high-end brand image very different "POLO" wind.

Since Ralph Lauren is the first time to enter the Chinese operate through distributors, dealers will Ralph Lauren's low-end "Blue Label Blue Label" product line into the Chinese market as the focus, and the operating system disorder causes endless imitation goods, seriously affecting Ralph Lauren In China's brand image.

Thus, the remodeling market in China Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren's image became an important issue. Beginning in 2010, Ralph Lauren closed a large number of shops in the Chinese market, Beijing remaining two, and gradually recover attorney.

Resetting China strategy into the future engine of growth in Asia

Ralph Lauren back to the Chinese market seems to be par for the course.

Ralph Lauren has expressed his undisguised love Chinese style: "I always liked the last century 30's gorgeous fashion and delicate feelings, it is a popular Chinese-style Art Deco influence, I think it until today is still of great value. "

Thus, in the Ralph Lauren design, often can see the dragon, plate buttons Chinese elements, but he was very sparingly use of Chinese elements. Thus, in the eyes of insiders, Ralph Lauren's Chinese style design the highest score.

May 2012, Ralph Lauren Group announced: "We will conduct a thorough market in China new brand positioning." Ended March 31, 2013 within a year of this American group closed 95 stores, about brands in the local the total number of stores to 60 percent. Although after the Japanese market accounted for more than half of sales in Asia, but the company believes that by adjusting the business strategy, China will achieve high growth area.

Ralph Lauren Group, said the next three years, will be opened in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, about 60 stores, only in 2013 in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong to open 15 new stores.

Experienced setbacks, Ralph Lauren confidence in the Chinese market this time: "We believe China will be the focus of our long-term development, we will in the coming years fully into the Chinese market, opening more stores, increase brand Chinese market share power and recognition. "

Ralph Lauren will be the focus of development in Asia tend to retail, the company said it is looking for a suitable place in Asia flagship store. According to the official website, the current Ralph Lauren's flagship store is only 9 or so, in the USA, UK, Netherlands, France, Russia, Italy and other countries, including the United States 3.

Vigorously expand the sales network in China will undoubtedly boost the Ralph Lauren currently tepid sales. But the current situation, Ralph Lauren layout of the Chinese market is far behind other markets.

In markets outside of China, Ralph Lauren is walking on two legs: store + electric provider, and its online store in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and other countries opened this fall, Ralph Lauren Korean online e-commerce will also be opened, to achieve 24-hour shopping.

In China, the store bruised, electricity supplier is no prototype. It seems, Ralph Lauren heavy battle China's roads, long way to go.